Are My Rose Petals Supposed to Look Like This?

So, you just received a beautiful bouquet of fresh roses from RoseShire -- what a luxurious experience! Now, let us help you understand the visual aspect and benefits of your new arrangement. 

Did you know our roses are pinched then hand-picked fresh from farms in South America?  They have to travel to the US via temperature controlled transportation, where they are hydrated upon arrival to be sure they stay fresh for the impactful floral experience. They are then hand-manicured and gently laid in our beautifully designed RoseShire box. Time for the big reveal! You open the box and then….You ask, “What’s this? Why do some of my rose petals look like this? Is this normal?”  

Stop right there! Yes, it is normal! These are not only normal, but we intentionally leave these petals on. You don’t want to remove these because they are important Guard Petals keeping your rose buds safe and secure – nature’s way of protecting each rose bud. We package our roses in bud form to be sure they arrive fresh, next day, blooming beautifully for your giftee.  

Let’s get technical! These Guard Petals are the outermost layer of the petals on a rose bud. They serve to protect the delicate inner petals as the rose develops and blooms. They can vary in shape, color and texture. As the rose matures, the guard petals begin to fade or fall off, revealing the inner petals bloom and the rose’s full beauty. 

Fun fact, roses have been on earth for over 35 million years!  They are strong and thorny, but despite their thorns, roses are also gifted because of their beauty and symbolism.  Today, they just made your day! They are thoughtful, fragrant, and durable to stand up against all weather conditions, pests, or handling during transportation.  This is especially true when they have their bodyguards, their guard petals.  

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