How are Preserved Roses Made?

You received your stunning [preserved] Forever Roses, but you may ask yourself… “Are they even real?  How do they last 1-2 years?”

Great questions! Preserved or Forever Roses are indeed real roses that are preserved using a process that replaces the natural sap and water within the rose petals, with a mixture of glycerin, water, and color. This allows the roses to maintain their natural rose shape, appearance, texture and softness for a long period of time. Here is how that process works:


  1. Harvesting:  The roses are picked at their peak bloom, typically when they are fully open and revealing their vibrant colors. 
  2. Dehydration:  The roses are then placed in a mixture of a drying agent to remove water and any moisture from the petals.  This part in the process helps to maintain the shape and color of the roses.
  3. Preservation:  Once the roses are fully dehydrated, they are placed in a solution of glycerin, water and coloring.  
  4. Coloring:  Rare and interesting rose colors can be created into the solution at this time to reveal a wide range of color options beyond the natural hues of roses.
  5. Drying:  After the preservation process, the roses are dried again to remove any excess moisture and ensure they are ready for use. 

Why should you choose preserved roses over fresh roses? Preserved roses are a very popular choice here at RoseShire due to their long-lasting qualities and sustainable durability. Plus, they’re gorgeous! They make for the most beautiful home décor options, party/event decorations, gifting options for businesses, anniversaries, Valentine’s Day, birthdays and so much  more! If you want to make a forever-lasting impression (pun intended), A RoseShire Preserved Forever Rose box is the perfect choice for you. 

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